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Course summary

  • Type MOOC course
  • Period Always open
  • Learning Time Study freely
  • Course approval method Automatic approval
  • Certificate Issue Online
Thumb up 78 Learner 96

Instructor Introduction

  • 진규호 교수

    · GIST College, Assistant Professor (2016 – present)
    · Sungkyunkwan University, Visiting Professor (2015-2016)
    · Seoul National University, Lecturer (2014-2016)
    · Korea Development Institute (KDI), Research Associate 
    · Korea Institute for Defense Analyses (KIDA), Researcher 

Lecture plan

  1. 1주차. Introduction
    1. Introducing Strategic Management of Technological Innovation
    1. Drivers of Technological Innovation
    1. The Role of Management
    1. The Road Ahead
  2. 2주차. Sources of Innovation
    1. Innovation & Creativity
    1. Sources of Innovation
  3. 3주차. Types and Patterns of Innovation
    1. Introduction
    1. Types
    1. Patterns: Technology S-curve
    1. Patterns: Technology Evolution
  4. 4주차. Technology Adoption and Diffusion
    1. Technology Adoption (or Diffusion) Mechanisms
    1. Various Models of Technology Adoption (or Diffusion)
  5. 5주차. Standards Battles and Design Dominance
    1. Technology Standards
    1. Pressure for Dominant Designs
    1. Consequences of Technology Standards Wars
    1. Value Composition of Technology in Increasing Returns Industries
  6. 6주차. Strategy in Networked Industries
    1. Increasing vs. Decreasing Returns
    1. Strategic Issues and Key Assets In Networked Industries
    1. Generic Strategies and Post-mortem Actions in Standards War
  7. 7주차. Crafting Strategies in High-Tech Industries
    1. External Analysis: the Six-forces Model
    1. External Analysis: Industry Value Chain
    1. External Analysis: Industry Dynamism
    1. Internal Analysis
  8. 8주차. Collaboration Strategies
    1. Collaboration vs. Going Solo
    1. Governance Choice of Collaboration
    1. How to Choose your Partners
    1. How to Monitor your Partners
  9. 9주차. Protecting Innovation
    1. Protecting Innovation
    1. Patents and Patentability
    1. Patent Specification and Claim
    1. Patent Strategies: Picket Fences and Bracketing
    1. Pros and Cons of Patenting
    1. Secrecy and Copyrights as protection mechanisms
  10. 10주차. Capturing Value From Innovation
    1. Appropriability and non-legal imitation barriers
    1. Appropriability Mechanisms
    1. Protecting vs. Opening Up Technology
  11. 11주차. Organizing for Innovation
    1. Organizing for Innovation
    1. Firm Size and Innovation
    1. Corporate Venturing
  12. 12주차. Managing New Product Development Teams
    1. Designing Organizational Architecture for Innovation
    1. Developing Teams for Innovation
    1. How to Manage Teams
    1. Grand Summary